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nano...leveling extravaganza

for srs!Collapse )

you can see andrea and chuug there with me :D

confessions of a pastry chef

here's a lesson for you guys in what not to do.

don't decide to make a 1/2x of a recipe, then measure one of the first ingredients at 1/2 and the second, which pours directly into that and mixes immediately, at 1. this means you are now making a full recipe, and the 4x5 kitchen in your apartment is now effectively full of chiffon batter.

so. much. cake.

i get my iud dec. 6 at 2pm.

life is pretty good. :D
i get keyed for my new apartment tomorrow.

heck yeah! ^_^

Aug. 8th, 2007

my job in the free press today

be sure to check out the pictures of the place too. ^_^

burning a cake: a photo journal

because this is photo heavy, duhCollapse )

i had a lot of fun doing this one. if nothing else, it'll be fun as hell to put into my portfolio. ^_^
reason 3129 why me and xmas dont exactly mix, exhibit a:

while helping wrap andrea's gift from zack, i created hitler!bob.

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guest apperances by raycharles!bob and angryfrench!bob, and zacks lumberjack!bob.


slightly related, keychain sharpies rock.